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You’re RN; Sally Jackson RN, CLNC, CPT, Patient Advocate

I have been a Registered Nurse for the past 30 years. Over a majority of that time, my main field of practice remained critical and emergency care, with certifications in acute adult and pediatric cardio-pulmonary care, practicing in the Los Angeles area. In the past ten years I became certified as a legal nurse consultant. As a published writer, I found the area of health research to be my main focus. With my background, I know where to dig to find the answers that elude most people. I use non-bias, respected independent research scientists and universities throughout the world.

There is a torrent of information out there on the web, but what is reliable and who do you trust? Members of the general public can look for answers on their own on the web. For those who look, most of what they find is manipulated, poorly researched, or written by ‘ghost writers’ who have no connection to the actual research. As a result the answers they get are confusing, bias and misleading. The places they need to dig are hard to find and not widely published. That’s where I come in; most of the articles I have formulated were either for attorney teaching or explicit research for court cases. During this entire time my primary goal remained the improvement of and maintenance of good health, not just the absence of disease.

Today I view health in a very different way than I did thirty years ago. Everywhere I look I see illness in all forms. Primary obesity, diabetes, and cancer in young and old alike, and it could all be prevented. I look at the human body as a marvelous biologic machine. If it is cared for and fed properly it will support and defend us for many years. Much has changed, and health care is no longer the exclusive job of the physician. Unfortunately members of modern medicine have made a series of overlapping mistakes causing contradiction, confusion and misunderstanding with various diseases and disease processes. Until those mistakes are corrected it becomes the job of every individual, to learn the basics of good health and become proactive in his or her own health.

While researching in the field in nutrition I became certified as a personal health trainer. I found many different views and many flawed ideas when looking at this area, which narrowed my focus to research and teaching the basics in nutrition. After all the best place to start is with the basics.

Bio science and the biology of the human body can become very complicated. Look at it through my eyes and the process of biology and nutrition of the human body becomes simple and easy to understand. Over the next several months this web site will grow with information, backed by research. The subjects will encompass the basics of nutrition, basic biologic function in connection to disease and the disease process, basic health fitness, vitamins and supplements, and the basics of your physical exam.
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